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From customer understanding to profitable customer acquisition and retention

Marketing, Sales and Service

A deep understanding of customers and end users is becoming increasingly important for companies wishing to acquire and retain customers for the long term. It is no longer enough to simply place highly attractive technological products on the market – above all, it is crucial to establish a use for daily business (B2B) and everyday life (B2C) in the perception of customers and end users. The importance of ‘customer centricity’ is therefore growing rapidly. The aim is for all employees to view customer needs as the starting point for their work. In addition, it is apparent that service innovations (as a supplement to product business) add huge customer retention value and represent highly attractive additional business.

Our Consulting Services

  • Marketing excellence: Marketing excellence requires more than just an outstanding marketing strategy. Our services include positioning and integrating marketing divisions into structural and process organization, as well as optimizing marketing tools and systems.

  • Service innovation: How can a product portfolio be supplemented with an appropriate service portfolio? Drawing on customer expectations, we systematically identify service solution needs and support our customers from service ideation to overall service implementation.

  • Customer centricity: UNITY provides a concept for linking all of a company's value-adding process chains with customer expectations and measuring their successful implementation against customer satisfaction.

  • Pricing: Analyse, find, plan, establish, implement and monitor prices and conditions with UNITY - optimum price management as a central tool for achieving corporate goals.

  • Portfolio Management: Our portfolio management skills cover all process chains: product development, marketing, sales and service, and order processing. Order processing example: using suitable measurement concepts, we establish which product components (e.g. special equipment, parts management) can be optimised.

  • CRM 2.0: connected customer: Systematic organization of all customer interactions (customer relationship management) helps to increase work productivity, raise the number of transactions concluded and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. This also includes system support for connecting up all process chains.

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