From the initial idea to the successful market entry of the product or service

Innovation, Product Development

Efficient innovation management and target-oriented R&D management are necessary for successful competitive positioning. It is important to develop ideas, manage them and ultimately bring the right ideas to the advance development and series development stages. The innovation and product development sector is hugely significant for business success: 70% of future product life cycle costs are determined during product development. We establish proven solutions to optimise the overall ‘product development’ process chain in a variety of industries, providing a measurable contribution to economic success.

Our Consulting Services

  • Innovation Management: Successful innovation management covers more than just effective idea management. UNITY supports its customers throughout the product development process, from identifying opportunities to gaining market share with new products and services.

  • R&D Management: As experts in R&D management, we quickly and safely guide your product development from an innovative product idea to successful market entry. together we develop tailor-made, target-oriented R&D management to ensure successful positioning in the competitive environment. We focus on cost-effectiveness and make a demonstrable contribution to the company's success.

  • Systems Engineering: We use systems engineering to get our customers ready to develop increasingly intelligent and networked products: from organisation, processes, methods and IT tools to staff training.

  • Product Protection and IP Management: We put great emphasis on complete product protection! Working together with our customers, we use innovative solutions and a holistic approach to threat analysis to fight product piracy. It is already possible to integrate protective measures such as additive manufacturing processes into product development.

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