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Energy Industry

The liberalization of the formerly monopolistic power generation industry and the disrupting shut down of existing nuclear power plant is leading to drastic changes in the industry. Now companies have to stand up to a more competitive environment, which is why the complete restructuring of their strategies is indispensable. Furthermore, increasing price transparency is leading to even smaller margins. Nevertheless, the power generation industry offers excellent future opportunities, for example in the development of innovative energy sources and intelligent technical systems.

Our clients from the energy industry profit from our complete range of services: we support them both in the development of innovative business models, their successful implementation and the improvement of their productive and administrative performance. In order to gain productive excellence, for example with network operators, we optimize their End-to-End Processes. Administrative excellence is for instance achieved by the construction of Shared Service Centers. An additional core success factor for the increase of competitiveness is an IT-system, which is optimally aligned towards the business process. Thereby the construction of a standardized control system for the IT and the establishment of an overall IT security management also belong to our range of services. 

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An overview on energy transition

There are still no smart grid pilots which function across all voltage levels (HV/MV/LV)!

Even though…

  • Smart grids are a basic prerequisite in network technology for successful energy transition
  • Many hundreds of Euros have already been spent in subsidies for this,
  • The technologies and skills are available,
  • Detailed concepts already exist (in particular for the OWL region).

Why this?

  • Innovative investments are not being rewarded by the regulator!
  • Thus far only a few viable business models have been identified for Germany, primarily due to the regulated market!
  • Because implementation requires complex technology, and the stakeholders only ever work in specific sub-areas!

What can be done? Project proposal:  undertake a smart grid pilot in one region!

There is a pilot concept in existence for OWL (OWL has a very good mix of sun, wind and biogas and is therefore ideal as a test case)

  • Industrial consortium (e.g. GE, Intel, Siemens)
  • Utility consortium (e.g. Thüga, e.on Bayern)
  • Politics, German Federal Network Agency, Ministries
  • Acatech, science and research 

The following is required for the project to launch:

  • Investment and subsidy for a comprehensive pilot integrated within all voltage levels
  • Exemption from current framework conditions – "energy transition special economic zone"


  • Test and further develop technologies
  • Win the acceptance of the population
  • Adjust the regulatory framework
  •  Test incentives and business models

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