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We always strive to improve the service we offer our clients and project partners. By using  this page, we make it easier for you to retrieve  information that has been specially produced for you. Simply download the information that you need from our server here. 

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Safe Exchange

Download UNITY's public PGP Key here.

UNITY public PGP Key

To check the public key for authenticity please compare the following information with the key file.

Key typeDSA 1024
Key ID0x42CFF93A
Validity period  no expiration date
User IDUNITY AG (Secure information)
Fingerprint5E4D 7886 D94D 4C24 19F0 1A7D 8976 5194 42CF F93A

Download UNITY's public S/MIME certificate here 

UNITY public S/MIME Certificate

To Check the pulic Key for authenticity, please compare the following information with the key file.

Key typeRSA 2048
Validity period   14.01.2018
Fingerprintfa 19 3d 95 3e 2a 2f a4 cd 4f 24 08 92 ac 21 ae bf 72 3e 24

Please contact our IT department should you have difficulties sending a secure E-mail.

via Email:   informationssicherheit@unity.de
via Phone: +49 29 55 743-221

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